Learn to Play the Ukulele!

Let’s Play! is the essential how-to guide for the ukulele. Created for absolute beginners, this book was designed to make learning to play the ukulele simple and fun. It’s beautifully organized with easy-to-follow diagrams and it's accompanied by dozens of instructional videos. 


Let's Play! is Available in Two Formats: Digital Download and Paperback.

What's inside the book: 

  • The basics: how to tune, hold, and play your uke

  • How to strum several fun folk songs: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Oh, Susanna; Frère Jacques; Down by the Bay; and more!

  • Popular chords and strum patterns

  • Fundamentals of rhythm and time signatures

  • How to transpose songs into different keys

  • How to play melodies

What's covered in the videos:

There are a whopping 75 videos (don't worry! most of them are pretty short!) to walk you through each new concept, song, and skill so you can see exactly how things should look and sound. 


Take a Peek Inside the Book:

Watch a Few of the Videos:


Unlock your musical potential by learning how to play the world’s happiest instrument. Let's Play!