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Ukulele lessons for busy parents 

Have you ever wished you were more musical? Or wished for a hobby you could fit into your active life with young children? Musical Mama offers beginner's ukulele lessons customized for moms, dads, and caregivers in and around Silicon Valley.

One beginner’s course. Four lessons. That’s it!

My unique Foundations course is a set of four ukulele lessons designed to jump start your entry into making music. The comprehensive class materials ensure that you’ll learn a lot, all while having a blast playing songs that you and your kids can enjoy. 

Play with your kids

At each lesson you’ll receive practical tips on how to incorporate your new hobby into your daily life and get ideas on how to create musical traditions with your family. By the end of the course, you'll have a set of fifteen songs to play— a happy mix of traditional tunes, children’s classics, and one or two songs that are just plain silly! 

Give it a try– you're more musical than you think!


The Foundations beginner course is a series of four ukulele lessons designed to maximize your progress and help you have fun as you learn. I know how precious your time is. We're not going to waste a minute! 


The private lesson package includes four hourlong lessons, course materials, and 15 songs. With the private lesson package, you get a class that goes at precisely your pace and instruction and tips that are tailored specifically for you. But perhaps most importantly, your child is welcome to attend private lessons with you! Some parents do prefer to attend lessons while their children are in preschool or elementary school, but that choice is yours. Prior to each lesson, I set out a few age appropriate activities for your child to enjoy for the duration of the lesson (scroll down for more information on bringing children to lessons). Read more about bringing your child to lessons on the blog


GROUP LESSONS - $140/person

The group lesson package includes four 75-minute lessons, course materials, and 15 songs. Do you have a friend (or nine) who'd like to go through the course with you? Or are you interested in hosting a Mom's Night Out series with your girlfriends? Let's coordinate a special group course just for you! You’ll save some money, plus you’ll have buddies to jam with between lessons! 



$70/lesson - Students who are currently going through the course or who have recently completed the course may be interested in adding an extra hour of instruction to advance their playing. If there's a particular skill or technique you'd like to refine, just let me know! 

Supplemental lessons are purchased individually and are one hour in length

Interested in ukulele lessons? Please get in touch or send an email to


My name is Melissa Stevenson. I'm a wife and mom who believes that one of life's greatest joys is making music with your loved ones. Let me share that joy with you! 

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  • Listen to the Foundations playlist on Spotify (this is the fastest way to familiarize yourself with the melodies and lyrics of the songs from the ukulele course)
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  • Contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you! 


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Are these lessons for kids or adults?

For the grown-ups! But your kids will benefit when you start playing and making music with them at home.  :)

Do I need to buy my own ukulele? 

Generally, yes. Unless we've made special arrangements prior to a class, all participants are required to provide their own ukulele and digital tuner to each lesson. Please check out my blog post featuring my ukulele and tuner recommendations

Where do lessons take place? 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons take place in west San Jose (near Saratoga and Campbell).

GROUP LESSONS: Group lessons may take place in my home or at the home of someone from the class. For certain days/times (eg- late on school nights), I may be unable to host in my own home. I'm looking for a studio space or community room to rent for group lessons, so if you know of a space, please let me know.

How does I sign up? 

Simple! Just fill out the contact form

What is your availability for lessons? 

My availability is a mix of weekdays, weeknights, and weekend times. 

How does scheduling work? 

As a general guideline, I suggest we schedule lessons to be one to two weeks apart. Moms and dads are busy people, and I want to make sure you have enough time to absorb everything from the previous lesson before we tackle new material.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons offer quite a bit of flexibility, schedule-wise. We can schedule all four lessons at the get-go, or we can schedule one lesson at a time.

GROUP LESSONS: Prior to the first lesson, the participants and I agree on dates and times for all four classes. 

What about payment? 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Payment is due in full at the first lesson in the form of cash or personal check made out to Musical Mama, LLC. Students have 365 days from the date of payment to complete the four lessons of the course. 

GROUP LESSONS: Once you have confirmed your interest in group lessons, an invoice will be sent to your email address. Payment via check or credit card is required to complete your registration. 



If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, Please contact me


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