Ukulele Basics

Woohoo! You’ve made the excellent decision to learn to play the ukulele! With this free downloadable PDF and the eleven accompanying videos, you’ll learn how to play two strums, three chords, and three songs. Ukulele Basics covers all the essentials of getting started, including:

  • How to play chords

  • How to strum

  • How to play Frère Jacques with the C chord

  • How to play Shoo, Fly! Don't Bother Me with the F and C chords

  • How to play You are My Sunshine with the C, F, and G7 chord

I love sharing folk songs with my students, and I’ve specifically chosen these three well-known songs because they have lyrics that are easy to memorize, common chord arrangements, and singable melodies. All of these qualities make them great songs for new musicians and help make your learning curve a little bit gentler. Are you ready to start strumming?

NOTE: The PDF is free but you will have to go through some of the checkout process in order to receive the download link.

Watch the Videos:  

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