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Designed for your life with young children 

Musical Mama offers ukulele lessons for moms, dads, and caregivers in and around Silicon Valley. The lessons are for the grown-ups, but there's no need to coordinate childcare— your child is welcome to attend with you! 

Nurture your creative side

The Foundations beginner's course is a set of four lessons designed to get you up and running quickly on the ukulele. In fact, you will be strumming within minutes of your first class! 

Share the love

We focus on traditional songs with familiar melodies and lyrics that you and your children can enjoy together. First, you learn how to play. Then you get to be your family's musical ambassador! You'll receive tips on how to incorporate music into your everyday life at home and ideas on how to create musical traditions with your loved ones.

Give it a try– you're more musical than you think!



Ukulele lessons for parents and caregivers   

The Foundations beginner course is a series of four ukulele lessons that will get you playing right away. My approachable course materials are designed to maximize your progress and help you have fun as you learn. I know how precious your time is. We're not going to waste a minute! 


  • four hourlong lessons, conducted in my home in west San Jose
  • course materials designed to be a reference guide for your playing long beyond the class 
  • a songbook of fifteen classic children’s songs and traditional American folk tunes for you and your children to enjoy

Class options: 


$160 (INTRODUCTORY RATE)  -  Perfect for those who prefer one-on-one instruction and those who plan to bring their child along. See below for more information on bringing children. 


$100 PER PERSON, 2-5 PEOPLE (INTRODUCTORY RATE)  -  Go through the course with a friend (or four)! You’ll save some money, plus you’ll have someone to jam with between lessons! 


If you're interested in ukulele lessons, please get in touch through my contact page


Read more about the FOUNDATIONS COURSE on the blog.  

Have a question? Please email:


Please plan to arrive a few minutes ahead of time to allow your child an opportunity to settle in before we get started. Children who attend the lessons typically enjoy the novelty of being in a home environment with new-to-them toys. However, if your child has a favorite toy or activity, please consider bringing it to the lesson with you. You’re also welcome to bring a small snack for your child. 


Your baby’s needs come first, and we fit the lesson plan around them. Babies love hanging out on a soft blanket and listening to their parent sing and play. If your baby likes to be worn, please bring your carrier to the lessons. You may find your baby enjoys your playing so much that s/he falls asleep during the lesson! 


Children this age have pretty short attention spans and some experience separation anxiety. Some toddlers prefer to stay right next to mom or dad during lessons while others play nearby with blocks or color with toddler crayons.


Kids in this age range are more likely to engage in activities like coloring, play-doh, or building with LEGOS or train tracks. Prior to the lesson, I set-up some play stations for your child based on his/her interests. They tend to stay happily engaged in the activities for the duration of the lesson, which makes for a smooth lesson for you! 

School-Aged Children

If your school-aged child is attending the lesson with you, I recommend you have them bring along whatever activity (book to read, activity book and markers, etc) you think will work best. 

Special Needs

If your child has special needs, please contact me to discuss arrangements. 


Have a question? Please email me at: or get in touch through my contact form



My name is Melissa Stevenson. I'm a wife and mom who believes that one of life's greatest joys is making music with your loved ones. Let me share that joy with you! 

Ways to connect:

  • Listen to the songs from the Foundations beginner course on Spotify. This is the fastest way to become familiar with the melodies and lyrics– and it's pretty neat to hear how differently artists can interpret these classics!
  • Follow Musical Mama on Facebook 
  • Contact me with any questions or comments. I'd love to hear from you! 


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