I’m Melissa Stevenson, an ukulele teacher living in Silicon Valley. I help people discover their natural musical ability so they can share the joy of making music with their loved ones.

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Learn to Play the Ukulele

Let’s Play! The Ukulele Handbook for Beginners is the essential how-to guide for the ukulele. I wrote it for brand-new ukulele players and designed it to make learning to play the ukulele simple and fun. It’s full of easy-to-follow diagrams and is accompanied by dozens of instructional videos. Here’s the intro video:

Student Testimonials

Melissa is a wonderful teacher who will meet you no matter where you are at musically. After the 4 lessons I had gained so much knowledge to be confident in singing and playing the ukelele. I highly recommend her to anyone!

— Kim

Melissa is patient and makes you feel comfortable and confident. I was trying to learn ukulele from just YouTube channels, but it was really helpful to take her lessons to get over the hump. I also had to bring my kids to lessons sometimes and she set up a station for them to play while we did our lesson. I'll definitely miss taking lessons from Musical Mama!

— Gail

Melissa is awesome! I was playing the uke after my first lesson. She's a great teacher and adds lots of fun to her lessons. 

— Ashlee

Melissa has a quick but very manageable progression and great tips that allow you to further your learning on your own afterwards. (She is also just a super nice human being that's worth meeting!) I am now able to play enough songs to entertain my kids and/or my friends for a whole evening! Plus I just love how portable, cute-sounding and easy the ukulele is! This is coming from someone who has always loved to sing but never learned and instrument before (until age 40). Highly, highly recommend.

— Mathilde

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