Musical Mama offers ukulele lessons for moms, dads, and caregivers of young children. Discover a hobby that will enrich your life and bring a lot of fun to your relationship with your children. 

Designed for your life with young children 

Your child is welcome to attend each lesson with you, so there's no need to coordinate childcare. Babies enjoy being worn in carriers or playing on a cozy blanket while they watch and listen. Fun activities are provided for toddlers and "big kids" so they can create (and sing along) while you play. 

We focus on children’s classics and traditional folk songs, songs with familiar melodies and lyrics that you and your children will enjoy. You will be strumming within minutes of your first class! 

Give it a try– you're more musical than you think!




Discover the ideal hobby for young parents   

The Musical Mama Level One course gently introduces you to the world of string instruments. The course materials have been thoughtfully created to maximize your progress and take advantage of what little free time you have, all while having a lot of fun! 

Current offerings include:

  • Individual private lessons (with or without your kids in tow) :: Activities will be provided for your child based on her/his age and interests

  • Group playdates :: Gather a friend (or four). Make music together while your kids have a playdate! 

  • Mom’s night out :: Want to try something fun with just your girlfriends? Book Musical Mama for a group lesson, no kids required!

  • Coming soon :: Group classes 

To enroll, please email:  hello@musicalmama.com


Coming soon!



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