Welcome to Musical Mama!

Musical Mama’s ukulele classes are designed for the unique needs of mommies, daddies, and caregivers of young children. You'll be strumming songs from the very first class! We begin with traditional children’s classics and folk songs, songs with familiar melodies and lyrics so you can get playing right away. Your child attends lessons with you, so there's no need to coordinate childcare—in fact,  a dedicated caregiver and fun crafts are included with each group lesson so you can focus on learning.


We’ll be working with two instruments – your ukulele and your voice. Singing as you play will inform your ability to play melodies by ear, and your playing will develop faster.


Kids are curious and love to explore. They don’t worry so much about how they look or sound when they’re attempting something new. Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are proof that you’re trying. Keep at it! 

Keep the Beat

This is the most important thing to do. If you make a mistake or play the wrong chord, it hardly matters if you can keep a steady rhythm. Just keep going!

Why the ukulele? 

The ukulele is a terrific introductory instrument. It’s lightweight, portable, and has a naturally upbeat sound. You can play it while sitting on the floor with your kids, while wearing your baby in a carrier (on your front or back), or even while your toddler sits on your lap! Its size makes it a bit safer to play around unsteady walkers, too— it’s much harder for a toddler to bang his/her head on a ukulele than a guitar or banjo! And perhaps most importantly, it’s a great instrument for anyone who’s brand new to the world of stringed instruments. 

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