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Four Lessons. That’s It!

My unique beginner's course is a set of four ukulele lessons designed to jump-start your entry into making music. The comprehensive class materials ensure that you’ll learn a lot and we'll have a blast playing songs together. 


The private lesson package includes four hourlong lessons, course materials, and 17 songs. Our lessons will go at precisely your pace with instruction and tips that are tailored specifically for you. 

If you're a parent, your child is welcome to attend private lessons with you! Prior to each lesson, I set out a few age-appropriate activities for him or her to enjoy for the duration of the lesson. Read more about bringing your child to lessons on the blog

GROUP LESSON PACKAGE - rates vary by group size

Making music is a powerful experience when it's shared with others, and group lessons are an effective and fun way to learn. If you have some friends you'd like to take lessons with, contact me and we can plan a group course just for you! 


I specialize in teaching brand-new through advanced-beginning ukulele players. If there's a particular skill or technique you'd like to refine, get in touch by filling out the contact form below! 

Student Testimonials

She provided a great foundation for my daughter and I to expand our playlist at our own pace in the future. We thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday jam sessions aka lessons. Highly recommend speaking with Melissa if you are passionate about learning the ukulele in a fun, serene setting with a fabulous teacher!

— Lucia

I wanted to learn because I have two young children who LOVE singing and making music and I wanted to be able to play music with them instead of just for them. Melissa has made that a reality! Her materials provide a basis for the understanding of chords, keys, the Nashville number system, rhythm, strumming and finger-picking: an incredibly comprehensive foundation that I am now using to try new songs. Best of all, she is a wonderful teacher: passionate about music, smart, funny, encouraging. I highly recommend her course to anyone interested in learning the ukulele and incorporating music into their home. My girls and I now jam every week - they play various percussion instruments (homemade and bought) and I play the uke. We sang and played a little Bob Marley together this weekend!

— Kimberly

I took some group ukulele lessons with Melissa and she is absolutely fabulous, I can't recommend her enough. In only 4 lessons she was able to give us a strong foundation for music theory as well as ukelele technique. I feel I can confidently pick a new song and figure out the chords, rhythm and strumming to play it independently. My chlidren love that we can now play and sing along to some of their favorite songs. I have a musical background, but there were other students with zero musical background, and Melissa was able to cater to everyone's level of knowledge and learning style, and have all of us jamming together each session! She is enthusiastic, patient, exudes joy in music and brings everyone on the journey with her.

— Bonnie

Melissa and her ukulele lessons are simply wonderful!!! The material Melissa provides is simple and provides a good reference for practicing at home. She provides plenty of practice in lessons and spices them up with just pinches of music theory to give a basis for further exploration without it being overwhelming or difficult to comprehend. I highly recommend these classes to all, whether complete novices in playing instruments like me or someone who wants to add a new medium to their musical expressions.  

— Elnara


Do you teach kids? 

My beginner's course is tailored for adults, but I will teach mature tweens and teens who are highly motivated to learn to play. 

Where do lessons take place? 

Lessons take place in west San Jose, CA, near Westgate Shopping Center. 

What ukulele do you recommend?

Many of my students reach out to me before they have an instrument, and I’m happy to have partnered with Ohana Ukuleles to offer ukulele starter kits! Each kit contains everything you need to get started on the ukulele, including: a soprano ukulele, a backpack-style gig bag, a digital tuner, a strap, and a copy of Let’s Play! The Ukulele Handbook for Beginners. Please visit the shop for details.

What is your availability for lessons? 

I mostly limit my teaching to the hours when my kids are in school, Monday through Friday 9 am - 3 pm, though I will occasionally take on students during weeknights and weekends. Please contact me with any inquiries. 

How does scheduling work? 

As a general guideline, I suggest we schedule lessons to be one or two weeks apart. My students lead full lives, and I want to make sure you have enough time to absorb everything from the previous lesson before we tackle new material. Prior to the first lesson, the student(s) and I agree on dates and times for all four classes. Private lessons offer the opportunity for rescheduling, provided enough notice is given; group lessons, by their nature, do not.

What about payment? 

PRIVATE LESSONS: Payment is due in full at the first lesson in the form of cash or personal check made out to Musical Mama, LLC. Students have 365 days from the date of payment to complete the four lessons of the course. 

GROUP LESSONS: Once we have agreed upon a group lesson series, an invoice will be sent to your email address. Payment via check or credit card is required to complete your registration. 

How do I get started? 

Simple! Just fill out the contact form below or email me at  I respond to all inquiries within two days.


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