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Ukulele Lessons for Busy People in Silicon Valley

Four Lessons. That’s It!

My unique beginner's course is a set of four ukulele lessons designed to jump-start your entry into making music. The comprehensive class materials ensure that you’ll learn a lot, and we'll have a blast playing songs together. 


The private lesson package includes four hourlong lessons, course materials, and 17 songs. With the private lesson package, you get a class that goes at precisely your pace and instruction and tips that are tailored specifically for you. 

If you're a parent, your child is welcome to attend private lessons with you! Prior to each lesson, I set out a few age-appropriate activities for him or her to enjoy for the duration of the lesson. Read more about bringing your child to lessons on the blog


The group lesson package includes four 75-minute lessons, course materials, and 17 songs. Making music is a powerful experience when it's shared with others, and group lessons are an effective and fun way to learn to play. If you have some friends you'd like to take lessons with, contact me and we can plan a group course just for you! 


Students who are currently going through the course or who have completed the course may be interested in adding an extra hour of instruction to advance their playing. If there's a particular skill or technique you'd like to refine, let me know!