The Beginner's Ukulele Course

My beginner's course is a series of four ukulele lessons. In the first lesson, you'll learn three chords, two strum patterns, and three songs! Lessons two, three, and four build on material covered in previous lesson(s), and we cover new information in a very thoughtful way. Basically, I've created the class I wish existed when I was learning how to play! 

Here's what you can expect to gain from the course:

  • The basics: how to tune your uke, how to hold it, how to strum

  • A variety of strumming patterns

  • How to fingerpick melodies

  • An introduction to music theory

  • How to transpose a song into different keys

  • Tips on how to incorporate playing into your daily life at home

  • Course materials to support your playing long after you've completed the course

  • A songbook consisting of fifteen fun (and easy to play) songs

And bonus: it's all been created for parents and caregivers of young children. I know how precious your time is! We're not going to waste a minute!

Have any questions? Shoot me an email at I'd love to hear from you!