Habit Hack #2: Set a Goal, Then Set Another One


Have you heard the saying, a dream without a plan is just a wish? Don’t waste your time wishing you knew how to play the ukulele—make a plan! If you’re a brand new player, start by learning the basics. Once you’ve mastered a few chords and the fundamentals of strumming, you can identify a more specific goal like learning a new strum or learning to play “You Are My Sunshine.” If you’ve been playing a little while and have fallen into a rut, perhaps one of these ideas will work for you or help you think of your own goal:

  • Spend time finessing tricky chord transitions

  • Learn a new fingerpicking pattern

  • Practice singing as you play

Playing the ukulele is a choose-your-own adventure. Having a specific goal can direct your music making in a way that leads to faster results, giving you that satisfying feeling of accomplishment once you cross the finish line. Celebrate, then think about what your next goal might be. What do you want to learn next?

Learn to Play the Ukulele

Have you ever been frustrated by a Youtube uke tutorial or had a hard time figuring out how to play on your own? My book has helped so many people just like you! Let’s Play! is your step-by-step guide to learning how to play the ukulele, and I created it specifically for brand-new players.

What’s inside the book:

  • The basics: how to tune, hold, and play your uke

  • How to strum several fun folk songs: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star; Oh, Susanna; Frère Jacques; Down by the Bay; and more!

  • Popular chords and strum patterns

  • Fundamentals of rhythm and time signatures

  • How to transpose songs into different keys

  • How to play melodies