Valentine's Day Habit Hack: Sing to a Loved One Today!

HH6_Sing to a Loved One.png

Happy Valentine’s Day! Take the opportunity to sing to (or with) a loved one! Here are five love-themed songs you may want to strum today:

1 — “You Are My Sunshine”

I can’t pass up the chance to include a classic folk song. This song uses only the C, F, and G7 chords, with lyrics you probably already know— meaning it’s an easy one to learn to play.

2 — “Lava,” from the Pixar Short Film

“Lava'“ is ideal for new uke players because it uses same the three chords as “You Are My Sunshine”—the winning combo of C, F, and G7 (the first three chords almost every beginning ukulele player learns).

3 — “I Lovely Love My Family” by The Roots

This song has prompted many impromptu dance parties in my house! I couldn’t find an ukulele play-along video (perhaps I should make one?) so here’s the original music video and a link to the chords and lyrics:

4 — “All I Have to Do is Dream” by The Everly Brothers

Timelessly sweet and simple. Dreamy indeed.

5 — “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson

Does including this song kill the vibe of my whole post? I wanted to include a song for those who may not be feeling the love today. If that’s you, please enjoy strumming along to Kelly Clarkson’s breakup anthem:

Off-topic tangent: I can’t hear “Since U Been Gone” without remembering the prom episode of Laguna Beach where Kristin and Stephen break up and this song gets cranked up while Kristin and her friends are in the limo on the way to (or maybe from?) prom. I did my best to find the clip on Youtube but turned up nothing, and now I’m wondering if it even happened. This scene lives on in my memory as being one of the all-time greatest moments of reality TV and I wish I could watch it again! Am I the only one who remembers this moment???