Live Music at Disneyland

My husband and I have taken the kids to Disneyland a handful of times, and each of us has a different priority when we go— my husband wants to go on all the rides, the kids want to meet all the characters, and I want to see all of the "park atmosphere entertainment" (the term used for the many musical acts that perform throughout the parks). There are so many opportunities to catch live music throughout the park, and taking a few minutes to stop and listen is sure to add a little magic to your next visit. Here are a few of my favorite acts: 


The Disneyland Band

Where to find them: Main Street and Frontierland, Disneyland

There are few things in life more fun than a marching band, and the Disneyland Band is no exception. Here's their rendition of a song from Zorro (come for the brass, stay for the drums!). It's SO.SO.GOOD!

Green Army Men

Where to find them: Paradise Pier, California Adventure

The toy soldiers from Toy Story drive through the park cracking jokes and engaging guests in a variety of shenanigans:


Jambalaya Jazz Band

Where to find them: New Orleans Square, Disneyland

We lucked out on our last visit. They started their set right as we sat down to lunch at Cafe Orleans:

Five & Dime

Where to find them: Buena Vista Street, California Adventure

This 20s-era jazz band frequently involves Disney characters and audience members in their act:

Honorable Mention #1: Dapper Dans

Perhaps the most famous of the theme park acts, the Dapper Dans are a barbershop quartet that makes appearances on Main Street at Disneyland. If you like dad jokes, they're the act for you: 

Honorable Mention #2: The Piano at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen

Where to find it: Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, Downtown Disney

We had a lovely Sunday brunch at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen a few years ago, and we were sat directly in front of a jazz trio. The food and music were good, but I spent most of my meal drooling over the piano. I want all of my instruments to be this bedazzled: 

I'm still drooling!

I'm still drooling!

Are you heading to Disneyland soon? Be sure to check their daily events schedule online or download the app for the full lineup of performances.