The Easiest Way to Hang Your Ukulele

In need of an easy method for displaying your string instrument? Look no further! Here's a super simple way to hang your ukulele, using just a few materials you probably have lying around the house already. Ready for the quickest tutorial ever? Let's go... 


 You'll need:

  • Hammer and a nail

  • String, ribbon, or twine

Hammer the nail where you'd like to have your uke displayed. Then, tie a length of string around the head of the ukulele, just below the tuning pegs (I cut my string to be about 14" long). Then hang it up! Could it get any simpler?

Here's how it looks on the wall: 


I actually used kitchen twine because it was what I had on hand. I originally planned to use a pretty ribbon, but I love how the color of the twine matches the color of the nut. The ukulele almost appears to be floating on the wall! 

I first read about this in a post by Design Mom years ago, and if I could find her original post I would link to it because I thought it was genius! And while this method may work for other small instruments, I wouldn't recommend it for anything heavy (like a banjo). 

How do you display your instruments at home? I'd love to hear about it!

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