Bring Your Uke On Vacation

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One of the ukulele's best features is its portability. It's perfect for hotel rooms, the beach, the campground, and almost anywhere else you might be heading to this summer. Road tripping? Perfect. You'll almost certainly have room for it in the car. Traveling by air? Bring it on the plane. Your ukulele qualifies as a carry-on item. 

If you're worried about keeping your uke safe on your adventure, you may want to buy a durable one (affiliate link) to keep as your designated travel uke. You'll enjoy your vacation more if you're not too concerned about keeping the elements (or your children) away from your instrument. Just don't forget to pack your tuner (affiliate link) and copy of Let’s Play! 😃

Jam in the Car

If my husband's driving, sometimes I'll even play as we head down the freeway. We also hold in-car family jam sessions where we take turns picking songs and playlists. Egg shakers and jingle bell bracelets (affiliate links) are easy to pack and a simple way to liven up a long day of driving.

Jam at Your Destination

When you're out of town and away from the usual to-dos and responsibilities, you may find yourself with a bit more free time. Won't it be nice to have your ukulele on hand? Just having that vacation mindset may positively impact your playing.

Even if You're Staying Local...

Bring your uke outside! Play on the front porch, in the backyard, or down at the park. Where will you play your uke this summer?

Habit Hacks is going on summer vacation! While I brave the insanity of MAYcember, I’m brainstorming lots of new content ideas for the blog. Let me know what you’d like to see here!


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