My Favorite One-Chord Song for the Ukulele

In this video, I share one of my very favorite folk songs, Li’l Liza Jane. It can be played as a one-chord song, and its beautiful melody and playful lyrics make it a really fun one to play and sing. One-chord songs are great for beginning ukulele players who are still getting comfortable making chord shapes, strumming, and singing at the same time, but they're also great if you're working on a new skill such as a more complex strumming pattern, fingerpicking pattern, or riff.

One-chord songs are also a nice way to get comfortable with transposing (changing the key of a song) and experimenting with singing and playing in different keys. In this video, I play "Li'l Liza Jane" in the key of F, but you can play it with any major chord. Watch the video to get familiar with the melody, then download the lyrics so you can play offline, too!


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