Do Something Scary

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There’s a lot of tedious work involved in running a small business, and it can be easy for me to let the mundane administrative and bookkeeping tasks take up all the real estate in my brain. I sometimes need to remind myself to tend to my creative side. I think musicians can fall into similar ruts, so today’s Habit Hack is your reminder to not get stuck playing the stuff you’re always playing. Sometimes we need to up the ante. What sounds totally scary to you? I dare you to do it!

Here are some ideas to inspire you to be bolder with your uke practice:

  • Go to a new uke meetup (by yourself or with a friend)

  • Perform at an open mike night

  • Post a video of your playing on social media

  • Sign up for a new workshop  

  • Try busking on a city sidewalk and see what happens

If you try this Habit Hack, I want to hear about it! Contact me or tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can cheer you on!

One of the biggest challenges beginning ukulele players face is figuring out how to get in the habit of playing consistently. This post is one of many in a weekly series called Habit Hacks, and every week I post a new tip to help you build and maintain a consistent ukulele practice. Check back each Thursday for a new tip!


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