The Bollywood Song I Can't Get Out of My Head

Have you been to a BollyX class? BollyX is a high energy, Bollywood-inspired cardio dance workout (similar to Zumba) and, at my age, these classes are the closest I get to a night out at the club. I found the music video for my favorite BollyX song on YouTube, which has over 122 million views. “Gallan Goodiyaan,” from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do, was shot in one take (!) and features an all-star cast, including an adorable and captivating Priyanka Chopra. Please watch it:

Don’t you want to be at that party? The next best thing is learning the BollyX choreography for the song:

I wanted to make an ukulele tutorial for “Gallan Goodiyaan” but the only word I can properly pronounce is the one word that’s in English—Hello! So until I improve my language skills, I’ll have to settle for dancing. Won’t you join me?

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